Update for November 28, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. Tomorrow’s service will be Morning Prayer, and will be live streamed on Facebook at the normal service time of 10:30 a.m. The service will be saved as a post as well to be watched later if you are unable to view the livestream, and will hopefully be posted as a link or video on our website later tomorrow. This will be our first live-streamed service, so pray it goes well. : )

I have also been given permission to distribute an Advent devotional, The Grand Miracle. You can view this daily devotional here on our website. It has a different devotion for every day this season, From November 28 through Christmas. My hope is that this will be uplifting for you during this Advent when we are unable to worship or fellowship with one another. You can find the booklet on our Online Worship page.

Blessings on your weekend. Rick+

Updates for November 22, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. You may have heard that there have been some changes related to Covid-19 announced in the diocese. I would encourage you to go to the Diocese of Saskatchewan website to keep up with any news that may be posted there, as well as the Diocese of Saskatchewan FaceBook page.

The Ven. Andrew Hoskin has been appointed Bishop’s Commissary, and has sent out a letter that was read in church today. I have attached a copy below for you to read as well. He outlines the decisions that have been made in consultation with Diocesan leadership, namely:

Conditions are getting worse in our province and with both of our Bishops now ill from this virus, and out of concern for the welfare and health of all, we need to take some action. Therefore, on the advice of and in the name of our Bishops, I am ordering public worship suspended and our buildings closed as of midnight, Sunday, November 22 until further notice.

Therefore, as of tonight at midnight, November 22, 2020, St. David’s Church is closed for all worship, meetings, and studies until further notice. We will however continue to provide all studies and services via Zoom, streaming, or some other method.

You will find Zoom links for Bible Studies here on the web site, as well, as the Zoom link for Vestry Meeting. Sunday services will continue to be on the Online Worship section of our web site. If there is a live stream option, notice of it will appear here, and go our in a post through our Facebook Page, and will also have a link on the Online Worship page of our website.

I would encourage you to continue to pray for our Diocese and our bishops, our church, its members, and our community during this time. In Christ, Rick+

Updates for September 11, 2020

Sunday Worship

The Rector and Wardens met to discuss new Diocese of Saskatchewan directives and Provincial guidelines for worship which went into effect on Tuesday, September 8. For now, we have decided to continue with one service, at 10:30 a.m., and will revisit reviving the 8:30 Communion service later in September. Some of the changes are:

Attendance: We are now allowed 1/3 of our capacity, which means up to 53 people may attend worship, plus those involved in carrying out the service maintaining social distance.

Sunday School: The new guidelines and directives allow for Sunday School to resume, which it will on September 27.

Bible Study

The Monday night Bible study on Revelation begins in the church hall on September 14 at 7:00 p.m. Night one will be an introduction to the study, a chance to look over the materials, as well as an introductory teaching and some diving into chapter 1. You can pick up the materials at the church on Monday evening. For those who are not comfortable attending gatherings at the church, a Zoom option may be available. Check back here this weekend for more information.


Confirmation classes begin Wednesday afternoon at the church hall at 4:00 p.m.


Ken Holman with his wife Gay have served St. David’s for 21 years in this capacity, and during that time have become part of our St. David’s extended church family. As of September, Ken has resigned this position. We are grateful for their service, and fellowship throughout the years, and are sad that this chapter must come to an end. But our friendship and kinship in Christ will not.

St. David’s is looking for a new verger for the church. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact us at:


Confirmation Classes

Please click the following link to learn more about Confirmation Classes at St. David’s this fall. https://stdavidspa.org/confirmation-classes/

Update: Resumption of Worship, June 14, 2020

Good morning. There have been updates to the Province of Saskatchewan Phase-3 Guidelines for worship, as well as new directives issued by the Diocese of Saskatchewan bishops. You can read about the consultations that have been and continue to take place here: https://www.skdiocese.com/news/faith-leaders-consultation-on-re-opening-places-of-worship. As well, you can read the most recent letter from the diocese here: https://stdavidspa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Public-Worship-Gatherings-June-2020.pdf

The Wardens and Rector have made all the necessary preparations for worship to adhere to both the Provincial Guidelines and Diocesan Directives, and look forward to worship this Sunday. Rick+

On June 14, 2020 Resumption of Worship – 30 Congregants

Good morning everyone. The wardens and I met last week, and have agreed to resume worship on June 14, with Holy Communion, at 9:30 a.m. This is an exciting development, and one we have been looking forward to for some time. We are entering Phase-3 of Re-Open Saskatchewan plan, and will be operating under Provincial and Diocesan guidelines and directives. The full announcement from this week’s booklet follows. In Christ, Rick+

Resuming Worship On Sundays, Beginning June 14, 9:30 a.m.

As of May 21, Ascension Day, in accordance with Phase 2 of Re-open Saskatchewan, our Bishops, +Adam, and +Michael, issued new directives easing suspension of Public Worship and Gatherings.  As of June 8, we will enter Phase 3, with new provincial Guidelines for Accommodating Worship, as well as updated directives from our Bishops.  From the Province of Saskatchewan:

Effective June 8, 2020, places of worship may resume services providing social distancing of two metres can be maintained between each individual household. The allowable occupancy is one-third of the defined occupancy rate of the facility to a maximum of 30 individuals for the initial stage of re-opening.

St. David’s will be resuming worship on June 14, with one service only, beginning at 9:30 a.m. (summer hours), and limited to 30 congregants only. We cannot go over this number.  Our bishops have set the following directives (summarized; to read the letter, click here), and which may be updated the week of June 8th.  Any updates will be posted to our “News” feed, and may effect changes to what appears below.

1.  Those who are ill must stay home.  2.  Churches and associated rooms and buildings require special and regular sanitizing. This must take place between every use or gathering.  3.  Hand sanitizers must be available in more than one location in every Church and available in one location every room.  4.  Handshaking in all Church buildings is forbidden until further notice and physical distancing must be respected.  5.  The serving of any food or drink in any diocesan church or building is strictly forbidden.  6.  All those leading in worship must wash their handsthoroughly before every service.  7.  Collection will not be “taken up” from the congregation.  Instead collection plates should be placed in the back of the Church. 8.  Six feet/two metres of social distancing is required between those of different households.  For Holy Communion:  9.  All those administering communion, must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands again at the offertory and must completely avoid touching their face, eyes, nose, and mouth. 10.  Communion will be offered in only one kind (the consecrated bread) until further notice. Communion will be administered at the priest’s discretion either at the rail with six feet of separation between communicants or standing at the centre of the rail or nave with six feet of separation between communicants. (Further instructions for St. David’s follows).  11.  Communion vessels must be cleansed with hot soapy water before each service. 

Things of note:

When we resume services June 14, things are going to be quite a bit different.  We hope in time we will see further easing of restrictions and increased numbers.  As directives and guidelines change, we will change with them.  

First, there will only be one service, as is usual in the summer, on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. (June-August), and limited to 30 congregants.  Worship will follow the provincial and diocesan guidelines set by both as of the week of June 8.

Second, when you enter the Narthex, someone will greet you, and make a booklet available for you.  Please discard this in the wastebasket before leaving.  If you take it home, we encourage you to not share it with other family members.  The booklet is available on our website, stdavidspa.org.

Third, no offering will be taken up during the service.  If you have an offering, please place it in the plate available outside of the sanctuary.  As well, you can still use our electronic offering options, which we encourage.

Fourth, we ask you to enter the sanctuary maintaining 6 feet / 2 meters distance between you or your household, and others.  Please proceed up the aisle.  Pews will be marked, and each “mark” represents “a household” or individual.  To respect social distancing, please begin seating in the front pews first. 

Fifth, there will be no congregational singing at this time.  

Sixth, during the administration of communion, please remain in your seat.  After several meetings, the wardens and rector decided the best way to maintain social distance would be to remain in your seat, rather than lining up, as some in pews would be forced to breach the two-meter distance.  The priest will bring the bread to you. 

Finally, when the service is over, we ask that congregants depart back pews first to exit the church, and retaining the 6 feet / 2 meters of social distance with others.

*If you would like to have communion at home, please contact the rector directly to arrange a visit (306-980-7337 or email: rector@stdavidspa.org).

May 18, 2020 – New Directives For Public Worship & Gatherings

Good morning everyone. By now, many of you will have heard that new directives have been issued in the Diocese of Saskatchewan regarding Public Worship and Gatherings. I have provided a copy of the letter here for convenience. You can also find it on the Diocese of Saskatchewan Website.

There was a Zoom meeting last week with the Bishops to discuss these changes. The Bishops were clear in their letter, “The decision to provide and schedule such services is up to the Priest in Charge in consultation with the Wardens.” (pg. 4 of the Directives). The St. David’s Rector and Wardens did meet Sunday afternoon, and we discussed what resumption of services within the current guidelines might look like, and whether or not we should resume services at this time. The wardens felt it was too soon, and we should revisit reopening as restrictions are further eased.

Until then, I will be providing an “Online Worship” service weekly as well as a Service Booklet here on our website. To watch the service on Sunday mornings, simply click the image on the right, or on our Home Page, or navigate to our Online Worship page Sunday mornings.

I encourage you all to continue in prayer as we gradually reopen in Prince Albert, and for those who have been, and continue to be effected by Covid-19, whether by the virus itself, or the effects of the shut downs. And remember, “…For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV). Yours in Christ, Rick+.

May 12, 2020

The Diocese FYI for May is available below and contains important information for all Diocese of Saskatchewan Anglicans.

May 10, 2020

Good morning, and Happy Mother’s Day!

This morning there are two services for you to join. At 11:00 a.m. you can stream a BCP Morning Prayer Service from St. David’s on the Cathedral Facebook page by clicking the “Digital Service” banner above. The same service will be available on our site by clicking the “replay” banner above.

I have posted a weekly morning prayer service on our “Blog” as well. Simply click the following link and navigate to the Easter 4 service. The service follows the booklet also available on the site here:

Easter IV – May 10, 2020

I continue to keep you in my prayers, and hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day. In Christ, Rick+

May 7, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. Please click below to read the latest letter from +Michael and +Adam regarding the pandemic. 👇

May 3, 2020

Good morning everyone. I have posted the service for Easter III. We have had a lot happening around our home over the last week, and one of those things has been some internet issues. I am not sure if SaskTel is throttling the speeds, but I can no longer access the St. David’s website from the church or rectory, and have been using my phone to update the site. I suspect it is due to the large number of people streaming and using the internet in the house and neighbourhood. Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the good weather, and have been able to get outside into the the yard and gardens a bit. I want to encourage everyone to keep praying for your church, your diocese, and your neighbours as we all seek to return safely to our lives, and to this end, that God would give wisdom to our leaders in the church and government as they too seek this end. And I also encourage you all to be using this time to draw closer to the Lord in prayer and scripture meditation. Blessings in Christ, Rick+

April 17, 2020

Good evening everyone. The Jonah Bible study begins Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. and will run for six weeks. We will be using Zoom for the study until we are able to gather again at church. If you would like to participate, send an email to rector@stdavidspa.org and I will include you in the invitation.

There are printed copies of the study materials at the church (if you have a key) on the table inside the door. As well, the materials are available as a download 👇 for you to print at home.


April 12, 2020 – Easter

Alleluia! Christ is risen! Good morning, and Happy Easter everyone. I have posted a service on our “Blog” this morning. You can find it in the menu above, or click this link:


April 9, 2020 – Maundy Thursday

Good afternoon. A letter has gone out to the parish this week for Easter from me which I hope you will receive today. If not, I am posting a copy below for you to read. The letter includes an Electronic Offering form that can be filled out and mailed to the church for those who have asked for an easier way to give during the Covid-19 crisis. On Tuesday, three more services of prayer were recorded at St. Alban’s Cathedral. These will be available to watch “live” on Facebook on Easter, Easter I, and Easter II by clicking the “Digital Church” button on our home page or above. I have posted a new “service” on our “Blog” for Maundy Thursday, and will be posting another tomorrow for Good Friday. May God bless you during the remainder of Holy Week. Rick+

April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a chance to watch the live stream of the Palm Sunday service this morning recorded at the Cathedral. I will be posting “services” on our Blog weekly until we are able to gather for worship as the St. David’s church family again. This week begins Holy Week, and the Palm Sunday service is now available by clicking this link: https://stdavidspa.org/2020/04/05/palm-sunday-2020/

There will be other posts this week for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, along with a message from me. My hope is that even though we cannot worship together, you will all have opportunities for prayer and reflection this week. I would encourage you to continue daily in prayer. One of the silver linings of the crisis for us as Christians is we have opportunities throughout the day to work on our prayer life. I would encourage you to pray with your family, and use this time to get into a habit of personal scripture reading prayer, and ask God to speak to you, and be open to what He is saying to you in this time. God bless you all. Rick+

March 29, 2020 – Morning Prayer

Good morning everyone. This morning I took our service of Morning Prayer, and turned it into a Post on the “Blog” section of our website. You can follow the service with links to scriptures, and hymns, as well as a short recorded reflection from me. Warning: Rev. Rick’s reflection was recorded as he is this morning, two cups of coffee into the day, a day already bustling with distractions. But I hope, as was for me, that you have found some time for private prayer or worship this morning, either by watching the service from the Diocesan Facebook account, or on your own. Perhaps the service I prepared this morning will benefit you as well. You can view the post in the “Blog” section of our menu above, or click the following link. Let me know what you think in the comments section, and have a blessed Sunday. Rick+


Update: March 25, 2020

Last night the St. David’s Church Vestry met via Zoom video conferencing. All members were in attendance, and a full agenda was discussed. Some highlights of the meeting were: 1. We encourage our members to continue in prayer for one another during this time; 2. We encourage our members to continue offering their tithes to the church during cessation of worship and gatherings, as we must continue to meet our financial obligations; 3. Our annual yard sale is still scheduled for May 30. If this changes, we will let everyone know. This time when many of us are “staying home” is a good time to gather those unwanted items to donate for this event.

We have updated our “Give” page to include the ability to give through CanadaHelps.org. There is a form on the page, and you simply fill out the details, and click the “Complete Donation Now” button.

I would also like to remind everyone that St. Alban’s Cathedral is open to Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. for private meditation. As well, “Digital Church” streams Sunday Mornings at 11:00 a.m. Enter the service by clicking the button here: 👇

Update: March 22, 2020

This morning our “Give” page went live again. Members of St. David’s, or those who would like to donate to the ministries of the parish can use Interac e-Transfer to send their donations. The process is safe, secure, and easy, and is tax deductible. If you would like to use this service, simply hit the “Donate” button on the Home page of this website, navigate to the “Give” page in the menu bar, or click this link: https://stdavidspa.org/donate/

Update: March 21, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. Here are a few important updates related to church groups, worship, and giving.

  1. The Diocese has produced a weekly version of Family/Home worship videos. Each week, a pre-recorded Family Prayer Service will be broadcast “live” at 11 a.m. on the Diocese of Saskatchewan Facebook Page starting at 11:00 a.m. You can watch the service by clicking here, on Sunday mornings: https://www.facebook.com/skdiocese/posts/3605772089497500 Additional videos will be added at 11:00am Sundays. To view the video on YouTube click this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYeCYJYTHn2IjhFK0g3v_GQ
  2. Weekly Service Booklet. The weekly service booklet will be posted today. I encourage you and your family to have a look tomorrow, and use it for your Sunday personal devotion, in addition to the worship video from the diocese. You will find it at this link: https://stdavidspa.org/weekly-service-booklets/
  3. Giving. Many church members and friends have been asking how to continue their weekly offerings or to donate to the ministries of St. David’s during this temporary suspension due to Covid-19. We are working on safe and secure ways for members and others who wish to support our church, to give electronically. A “Donate” page is being updated, and will be available ASAP. In the mean time, you can send your weekly envelopes (cheques only) to the church by mail, or contact us via email if you would like to enrol in the existing electronic offering program.
  4. Confirmation Classes. After prayer and consultation with the Wardens, it has been decided that we will postpone confirmation until Fall. With our current suspension of gatherings, we would miss half of the planned classes at minimum. A number of alternatives were discussed, such as using a video conferencing tool. However, these tools can at times have sync issues, and will not allow the face-to-face interaction that would be best for these sessions. As well, there were a number of those participating, who would not be able to attend the Confirmation service. Moving the date of classes and Confirmation to the Fall will hopefully alleviate these issues.
  5. Ephesians. Rev. Rick’s notes on Study #8 that was to meet on Monday, March 16, can be found at this link, for those who would like to read them. https://stdavidspa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Study-8-Ephesians-4-17-32.pdf As well, an email was sent to the current participants in the Bible Study with the above link, and asking if members would like to continue via Zoom video/audio conferencing. If you did not receive this email, and are a current participant, or you would like to join the Bible Study, let me know.

Update: March 18, 2020

“Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, to the only God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.” (Jude 24)

Meetings were held today between the Wardens and Rector to discuss a number of issues related to the suspension of public worship and gatherings at St. David’s and throughout the Diocese of Saskatchewan. There will be a letter going out to the members of our parish soon. In the meantime, here are some important things to note:

  1. All public worship services are suspended until further notice. We are however working on a service of worship to be made available for streaming on the Diocesan website. A link to these services will be posted on the St. David’s website as well.
  2. Pastoral Care. Members of our congregation in need of pastoral or sacramental ministry should contact the Rector directly. The Saskatchewan Health Authority has placed a number of restrictions on visiting people in hospital and care homes. Patients who are requesting spiritual care for compassionate reasons are able to be visited by their priest.
  3. Office Hours. The office will be closed until further notice. If there is an emergency, please contact the Rector or Wardens directly. If you have a pastoral emergency, and cannot reach St. David’s rector or Wardens, please call the emergency line: 306-930-9394. This number is for emergencies only. Phone messages, mail, and email will still be monitored and returned.
  4. Groups and Studies. All gatherings have been suspended until further notice, including the Monday Night Bible Study, Wednesday Confirmation Classes, Wednesday Choir practice, Thursday Mens’ Bible study, Thursday Afternoon Coffee Fellowship, PA Anglican Youth Group, and the NA group which meets in our building. When this changes, you will be informed as quickly as possible.
  5. Service Booklets. We will be providing a weekly Sunday Service Booklet in the interim. The service will be morning prayer, and can be used by you in your personal or family devotion. You will find them on the website posted at the top of the page, when they are available. Simply use the website menu and navigate to “Media” > “Weekly Service Booklets”.
  6. Supporting One Another. We realize that a some members of our church family, and possibly neighbours, will need assistance during this time, perhaps with errands to pick up prescriptions, shopping and the like. St. David’s Wardens and Rector should be contacted directly, and we will do what we can to assist you.
  7. Personal Devotion. In addition to the weekly service booklets, I would encourage you to take time for daily prayer, alone, or with your families. I am attaching two forms below, one from the Book Of Common Prayer, and the other from the Book of Alternative Services. I encourage you to use these if they are helpful, or to continue in your own personal and family devotional practices. As you do, please pray for your church family and leaders, our broader diocesan family and leaders, and our friends and neighbours throughout Prince Albert.
  8. Donate. To assist the ministries of St. David’s during the crisis, you can navigate to our “Donate” page and use PayPal.

Suspension of Public Worship – March 17, 2020

This afternoon we received a letter from The Right Reverend Michael W. Hawkins, Bishop of Saskatchewan, and The Right Reverend Adam S. Halkett, Bishop of Missinipi in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have included the letter below in pdf form, or you can visit the diocesan website.

St. David’s Rector and Wardens will be meeting Wednesday, March 17, to discuss this, and will provide you with additional information related to scheduled classes, events and the like. Please continue to pray for your diocesan and parish leaders, our church family, and our city, as we are all dealing with this crisis together. In Christ, Rick+


Prayer Conference – Postponed

From the diocesan website (March 13): Bishop Michael has just announced that the 4th Annual Prayer Conference will be POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE. Please continue to pray, especially for the sick vulnerable as well as our frontline workers. Blessings, Barb.


Lenten Lunches – Suspended Due To Covid-19

As of this morning (March 16, 2020), the PA Ministerial has decided to suspend the Lenten Lunches. This decision has been made out of the abundance of caution. Even though the chances of infection remain low at this time, precautions are being taken to protect our church members, particularly the most vulnerable and senior among us. In the mean time, continue to pray and wash your hands 👇. In Christ, Rick+.

Pray and Wash Your Hands: COVID-19 Church and Holy Communion (Updated)

In response to the increased risk related to Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) +Michael and +Adam are issuing the following directives (please view the pdf linked below). [UPDATE: We have been also asked to no longer “shake hands” at our worship and fellowship gatherings. There may be a further update later today (March 16, 2020). If so, it will appear above.]